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betternovembers : fictions by juniperlane

Dear Yuletide Author!
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Everything in here is just, like, IF YOU WANT TO, so don't feel super pressured or anything if you have a story in a fandom I requested that you SUPER WANT TO WRITE, just do it, man.  Christmas is a time to sign-up for challenges and then worry about people on the internet that you may or may not know liking things, and honestly, I mostly want you to feel great writing the story and not worry about me too much!

Here are some thinky thoughts I have just in case thoughCollapse )

Aaaaand good luck, godspeed, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to talk to allthingsholy who is the roommate/brain twin, and can always be of help.


Dear Yuletide Author
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Hi Yuletide Author!  I hope you are having an excellent start to your holiday season, that your shopping/travel/work/life will prove stress-free as we get closer to the holidays, and that something in here strikes your fancy.  I'm seriously easy to please, so if there's something in here and then suddenly you write an entire piece about a zombie apocalypse, please know: THAT IS RAD, FEEL FREE.  But here are some vague thoughts I have, just spit-balling.  Do whatever works best for you in terms of rating/gen/whatever, foul language not only does not bother me but is AWESOME, and, um, if you want to write total Christmas fluff, DO IT BECAUSE I WILL END UP READING IT EVERY CHRISTMAS.

Request details underneathCollapse )

Hooray!  THANK YOU.  YOU'RE A ROCK STAR.  And if you have questions, ask allthingsholy since she's my roommate and my brain-twin and she will definitely be able to help you!

PBXIII Prompts
parks ann & leslie
I still don't really understand how Porn Battle works, but in case anyone is curious, my prompts are here.

I'm going to use this to perhaps work on some Amy/Penny, because of reasons, which mostly consist of: yes.

Link me to your prompts in case I suddenly remember how to do words again?

Yuletide & Saturnalia Recs
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I'll be editing as I finally read things, since I'm wildly behind at reading Saturnalia, but in the meantime, here are the two gifts I received to start things off!
  • Five Times Sybil and Gwen Were Alone by my Yuletide Santa.  OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS, OH MY GOD.  I just want to go roll around in this fic for the rest of the day, tbqh.  What a perfect start to Downton Christmas Day.
  • Root, Root, Root for the Home Team by allthingsholy.  My Saturnalia prompt of BBT meets Sport Night is totally cracktastic, but not only does Allison do it justice, she totally nails Sheldon as stats nerd.  And Penny as Dana's right hand lady.  (The best part is that there's going to be more.)
Edit One: (Wow, I am so behind in reading.)  +2 Saturnalia, +4 Yuletide

Saturnalia fics!  I am 3/3 in loving the ones I have actually managed to read!
  • This Is Our Town by notalwaysweak.  Oh man, Western!AU, in which Sheldon is the sheriff and Penny's the local schoolmaster/general badass.  The Wheaton gang's in town, which only means one thing.  Trouble.  A++ and a totally fun read.
  • Europa Falls by jazzfic.  Penny and Sheldon go to Sweden after Penny wins a contest.  I just really love the vibe of this entire fic so much.  
Yuletide fics!
  • Dallased (Intro to Dream Interpretation 101); COMMUNITY.  Oh my god.  Basically a walk through the pop culture dreams of the study gang.  Includes Inspector Spacetime!  And brilliant quasi-crossovers with Firefly, Twilight, and Harry Potter, amongst other things.  Highly recommend this.  Totally laugh out loud funny.
  • I Am Entirely Sick of Shadows; DOWNTON ABBEY.  Downton gets a ghost.  And after watching the Christmas Special, well.  It seems remarkably likely.  Again, a great sense of humor in this story, which is such a refreshing change for this show.
  • What to Expect When Expecting; PARKS AND REC.  Pitch perfect.  Could be canon, seriously.  And now I'd like it very much to be canon?  WOW.  Like, seriously, I would.  The Ron & April bit at the end is seriously glorious.
  • What This Means; BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM.  Jess/Jules.  All the feelings.  Still bitter about this movie being changed for fear of lesbians scaring audiences away.

FIC; A Truth Universally Acknowledged
sherlock cumberbatch is quite the name
Title: A Truth Universally Acknowledged
Author: juniperlane
A Gift For: fujiidom
Rating/Warnings: PG, historical inaccuracies galore.
Word Count: 5800
Prompt: Marriage Law AU (preferably Victorian era); Maggie Smith as Meemaw
Summary: Sheldon Cooper is the last of his line, and in need of a wife according to his meddlesome grandmother. The one she finds him is more than he bargained for.
Notes: Pure crack, in which Sheldon is an only child, British, and born in 1820. Far too much research was performed and then tossed out the window as I wrote. I had to make up a last name for Penny, in case you hate that sort of thing. In general: I am so, so sorry. Many thanks to allthingsholy who read through this even though she has to pack.

To say luncheon was an unmitigated disaster would not only be an understatement, it would have been a disservice to unmitigated disasters everywhere.Collapse )

The Yearly Yuletide Letter
p&r andy 110%

Thank you for (a) having excellent taste and (b) signing up to write something this year!  I appreciate your participation and general awesomeness!  I'll imagine you to be as dashing as Rick Castle, just so you know.

Onto the requests!  There are vague spoilers for some things, particularly 11/22/63.  Just to warn everyone.

11/22/63, Downton Abbey, Community, Sports NightCollapse )

In general, I'm a big fan of AUs, and introspective character bits, and ladies being awesome and in charge.  All three at the same time is also pretty great.  These are all just ideas, but feel free to frolic around in these fandoms however you choose.

So again, thanks Yuletide author!  If you have any follow-up questions, you can always confer with allthingsholy, who is not only my roommate, but also pretty much living in the same brain.


FIC; nothing stays together when you're making noise [masterpost]
kaley in glasses = UNF UNF UNF UNF
Title: nothing stays together when you're making noise
Author: Meg / juniperlane / betternovembers
Artist: notalwaysweak
Rating: R
Warnings: Sex, swearing, mentions of U2 in a positive light
Pairings: Penny/Sheldon, Howard/Bernadette
Word Count: 17,398
Disclaimer: None of this is real. Except the merch.

Summary: Sometimes letting go is harder than it looks. Jupiter Logic records their next album, the one that could finally break them. That is, if they don't break up first.

Notes: This is part of a series. While reading the previous parts is not entirely necessary, it is definitely recommended. If you'd like to skip that, all you need to know is: they're in a band! Written for bigbangbigbang 2011, even though I started it for the 2010 round. This would not be possible without allthingsholy who not only started this universe, but is a terrific human being who puts up with my bullshit when I write, and looked this over multiple times. Many thanks also to notalwaysweak for the excellent mix and going above and beyond with the awesome songbook. Title is from On and On We Whisper by The Alternate Routes.

every chorus was your name | my love like a voice | make a record of my heart | all the chances we took

nothing stays together when you're making noise

part one | part two | part three

download the mix by notalwaysweak

download includes cover art & pdf songbook with lyrics

FIC; nothing stays together when you're making noise [part one]
kaley in glasses = UNF UNF UNF UNF
nothing stays together when you're making noise | part oneCollapse )

masterpost | part one | part two | part three

FIC; nothing stays together when you're making noise [part two]
kaley in glasses = UNF UNF UNF UNF
nothing stays together when you're making noise | part twoCollapse )

masterpost | part one | part two | part three

FIC; nothing stays together when you're making noise [part three]
kaley in glasses = UNF UNF UNF UNF
nothing stays together when you're making noise | part threeCollapse )

masterpost | part one | part two | part three


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